Fruits Sales

Our Fruits Sales Department sells fresh fruits to supermarkets and fruits and vegetable shops.
Our job is to provide fresh fruits that we can present to our customers with confidence by corresponding flexibly to the weather condition of the year, which will change the time of harvest, amount and taste of fruits.
Fortunately, we have been able to satisfy our customers for a long time, since the Meiji period. It is our pride the fact that we have continuously kept the business for such a long time, based on our reliable knowledge and experience, is a proof of our trusted relationship with the customers.
Fruits Sales Department of MAN-URA will grasp reliable information fast and provide fruits that meet our customers’ demands. We will continue to devote ourselves daily so that we will be trustworthy and indispensable for our customers.

Vegetable Sales

In Vegetable Sales Department, we deal mainly with fresh, boiled and processed vegetables and such.
This department was established later than Fruits Sales Department and it is composed of young members.
We are called “boys” in the company due to our immaturity, but our young power is fully allotted to absorb the knowledge of vegetables, and we are gaining trust from our customers.
Under the instruction of “Demon Sergeant” with his experience of over thirty years in the market, we will pursue our profession as a team, as fresh as our vegetables, to become indispensable vegetable dealers for our customers.