Ability to gather reliable information

We are well-informed about the most delicious fruits and vegetables in the season.

One of the reasons MAN-URA is supported by many customers is our ability to gather reliable information. It is our motto to provide and deliver fruits and vegetables in the best condition to our customers that meet their requests.
In recent years, farmers’ aging and abnormal weather due to climate change markedly alter the crop shipment status, cultivation, and price. We will inform our customers the latest information accurately by utilizing Ota Market, the biggest in Japan, together with trustful pipelines we have with farmers.


Sales Force

Fresh fruits and vegetables to the table with our wide sales networks

We have specialized staff with the eyes to judge the real products. Even if we obtain good quality fruits and vegetables, they will be no use without a sales route that will deliver them to the tables of general customers. We are surely able to sell fruits and vegetables to customers, not only at the greengrocer’s and fruits and vegetable stores, but also at department stores and supermarkets, and through the distribution networks to local markets throughout the country.


Product Management

We deliver fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables safely.

Even the fruits and vegetables that farmers dedicatedly produced will start to lose their freshness right after harvest. We have an image that freshness of fruits and vegetables are equivalent to their tastes. In order to keep the image, we rigidly maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables with temperature control. This is how we are able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers. Some fruits may be harvested in premature stage. For such fruits, we stock them at our storage for a while so that they will be in the most delicious condition by the time they are delivered to our customers.



We propose optimal selling methods to our customers with absolute confidence for fruits and vegetables.

We always listen to the voices of experts in the market and producers, and by judging the best timing for products, we suggest our customers in local markets and supermarkets when, where, and how those products should be sold. We not only seek for newly introduced fruits and vegetables, but also look at traditional ones to be converted to match ever-changing demands. We are to propose ways of having happy life for producers, customers and everybody who are involved in the fruits and vegetable business.